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I started making chain maile because I wanted a better shirt than what I was willing to pay. If you are looking for good cheap maile, to EBay. I consider my time more valuable than the originating sources there.

On the other hand... I enjoy doing "small," custom orders. I have made shirts for Teddy bears, Dolls, and a couple for myself. Chain maile can make some excellent accents for club wear (no matter what kind of club).

Jen McC

special thanks for the images by KSIMagery and KSIMagery on MM

My photos of Jen McC

Rachel Hatchet

Cat likes a couple of sets of maile I have made. She was willing to show them off for me...

August 2009

the 2008 shoot.

What can I make for you?

My ear rings and other jewelry are pretty much unique.

Stuffed Critters...


The armorer...

If you see something that strikes your fancy drop me a line. I haven't even started on getting the pictures of ear rings and jewelry setup.

If you are interested in supporting a "Dame a day" (Dame being a female knight) picture, please, please, send me comment indicating how much you would like it... :)

I welcome any request, comments, and advice. My address is:

The Armorer"

5 Jul 2009; added two pictures of Jill
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