The Armorer presents:
Jen McC

I have fun twisting metal. If I take a hundred pictures some are going to be good. That's why I worked out a deal with Kevin for the second shoot with Jen McC...
If you want a job done right, use the right equipment, that most specifically includes the right eye behind the camera
Better imagery than my metal work: KSIMagery and KSIMagery on MM

More another day... :)

If you are interested in supporting a "Dame a day" (Dame being a female knight) picture, please, please, send me comments indicating how much you would like it... My address is:

Even better, hit Kevin up on FaceBook and ask him when he'll be able to shoot more in maile. KSIMagery on Facebook or KSIMagery or KSIMagery on MM

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30 Jan 2011; creating this page

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